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  • 執筆者の写真豊田利晃




2022年10月31日 豊田利晃

The Third "Walking

 I participated in a small part of the Seppuku Pistols' 23-kilometer parade along the Sumida River. As expected, my feet hurt the next day. Walking along the Sumida River on a sunny day while making loud noises was a great distraction. A few days ago, Mr. Takahashi, who gave an outdoor screening of "Shiver Me" in front of Yamagata Station, passed away suddenly, and I was filled with regret. Being healthy is probably the most important thing. When you are healthy, you don't even notice it. I feel that I am no longer at an age where I can run with just my spirit, and I am walking every day.

 The first draft of the planning for "Beyond Dimensions" has been printed. I am distributing it to the cast and crew as we move forward.

October 31, 2022 Toshiaki Toyoda




『次元を超える』はCG特撮に突入しました。 僕は心の病を少し患い、旅に出ました。 四国で照井利幸さんと会い、遊びで一曲録音しました。 よかったら、聞いてください。 Episode 14: "Too Chased by Dreams" Beyond the Dimension" has entered CG special effects. I had a bit of a mental illne

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