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2022年10月14日 豊田利晃

Part 2: 'Wander, but don't sink'

If you wander, you will get lost, but you will eventually find your way. Believing this, I have been thinking about the script while repeatedly travelling. That time of wandering is over, and we are now walking on a map called a script. That too is similar to a journey. It is nerve-wracking to walk not on a blank sheet of paper, but on a predetermined map, sometimes straying from the map, sometimes correcting it. The nerves are so frayed that it takes a long time before you feel like doing anything. This causes physical problems in the neck, shoulders and lower back. I go to acupuncture and physical therapy regularly, but sometimes it still doesn't get better. I am somewhat aware of what the cause is. When I visited a qigong teacher I know, he told me that I have a spirit of the dead following me. Two arms are hanging from my neck, he said. After having the spirit removed and having the chi flow corrected with qigong, I felt much better. It all depends on how you feel. With my improved body, I travelled around the Kansai region. Now I am back in Tokyo and working on the script once more. I still don't know how much money I will raise for the production, but I have decided to make the film. Let's move on.

 There is not much information I can give you at the moment, so I will gradually summarise the story of how I arrived at Transcending Dimensions and the two years of my life from the next issue.

 The photo shows a new work by Taiyo, which I read recently. Film and life are a bit similar.

14 October 2022 Toshiaki Toyoda





9月に体調を壊し、ご飯が食べられない病にかかり、体重が54キロまで落ち、身の危険を感じて法螺貝を持って旅に出ました。旅先で友人たちとご飯を食べて、今は57キロまで戻りました。以前まで65〜67キロあった体重が10キロも減ると、体が軽くなって、これも悪くないなと思えるようになりました。 旅先の神社や寺、山や海で法螺貝を吹いていると多くの閃きと出会いがありました。 冬至の日に飛騨高山の水無神社で法螺貝


『次元を超える』はCG特撮に突入しました。 僕は心の病を少し患い、旅に出ました。 四国で照井利幸さんと会い、遊びで一曲録音しました。 よかったら、聞いてください。 Episode 14: "Too Chased by Dreams" Beyond the Dimension" has entered CG special effects. I had a bit of a mental illne


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