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2023年8月1日 豊田利晃

Episode 10 "Red Summer

Thank you to everyone who came to WWWX on July 24th, even to Shibuya on a very hot weekday. Many of you may not have been able to see the "I'm here. I know that many of you were not able to see the "Here I am. The sound pressure was quite impressive. I was surprised to hear that they could reproduce 5.1 channel sound in a live house.

On the 26th, we announced the cast of "Beyond Dimensions". There are still some cast members who have not been announced yet, so we will announce them at a new timing.

We have also started the second round of production support. Without funds, the film cannot be made. We will shoot the film even without funds, but our debts are piling up. In addition, two of our cars were damaged by fallen trees. I was told that if I bought a lottery ticket now, I would win, but I will use my luck only for the film. So, what will happen now? I will enjoy the adversity and move forward.

We had a flying screening of the teaser for "Beyond Dimensions" on 7/24, but we will announce it when the music rights and other details are cleared. Please wait for a while.

For "Dimensions," we started looking for locations for filming in the fall.

It will continue to be hot, but I hope to get through it while eating vegetables harvested from the family farm.

I hope you all stay healthy and take care of your summer heat.

August 1, 2023 Toshiaki Toyoda





9月に体調を壊し、ご飯が食べられない病にかかり、体重が54キロまで落ち、身の危険を感じて法螺貝を持って旅に出ました。旅先で友人たちとご飯を食べて、今は57キロまで戻りました。以前まで65〜67キロあった体重が10キロも減ると、体が軽くなって、これも悪くないなと思えるようになりました。 旅先の神社や寺、山や海で法螺貝を吹いていると多くの閃きと出会いがありました。 冬至の日に飛騨高山の水無神社で法螺貝


『次元を超える』はCG特撮に突入しました。 僕は心の病を少し患い、旅に出ました。 四国で照井利幸さんと会い、遊びで一曲録音しました。 よかったら、聞いてください。 Episode 14: "Too Chased by Dreams" Beyond the Dimension" has entered CG special effects. I had a bit of a mental illne


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