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  • 執筆者の写真豊田利晃










コロナ禍の中、切腹ピストルズとドバイ万博に行った思い出をDJ KEINと曲にしました。作詞と歌は僕です。宅録シリーズ第二弾です。 


2023年12月28日 豊田利晃 


Episode 15 "After the Winter Solstice" 


In September, I fell ill and became ill with a disease that prevented me from eating rice. My weight dropped to 54 kilograms and, feeling that I was in danger, I set out on a trip with a conch shell. I ate dinner with friends on the trip and now I am back to 57 kilos. Having lost 10 kilograms from my previous weight of 65 to 67 kilograms, I feel lighter and think that this is not so bad. 

I had many sparks and encounters while blowing conch shells at shrines, temples, mountains, and the sea on my travels. 

On the winter solstice, I was allowed to blow a conch at the Mizunashi Shrine in Hida Takayama. I was allowed to enter the sacred white gravel space at the back of the shrine, where ordinary visitors were not allowed, and as I blew the conch while surrounded by wolf guardians, I momentarily lost all memory of what I was doing and felt like my body was in good shape. After the winter solstice, the daylight hours are getting longer and longer. I felt as if everything was going to get better from now on. 

We are preparing "Transcending Dimensions" to shoot special effects and full-length filming next





『次元を超える』はCG特撮に突入しました。 僕は心の病を少し患い、旅に出ました。 四国で照井利幸さんと会い、遊びで一曲録音しました。 よかったら、聞いてください。 Episode 14: "Too Chased by Dreams" Beyond the Dimension" has entered CG special effects. I had a bit of a mental illne


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