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 国葬の日に1億円を個人で集めて映画を作ると発表しました。僕自身にとっても大博打です。本当に1億円が集まるのか? 1億円で映画が作れるのか? 1億円の借金をすることになります。そのお金を返却しなければなりません。それは大きなプレッシャーでもあります。最後の映画になるような気がしています。それは、この状況だけでなく、映画の内容も限界までいくと思っているからです。しかし、映画監督が映画を辞めることができるのかあやしいです。辞める辞めると言って、映画を作り続ける監督は多くいます。僕自身も未来のことは何もわからないです。しかし、自分の映画作の中で『次元を超える』が究極の映画になることは自覚しています。


2022年12月11日 豊田利晃

Episode 4: "Announcing the Leader of the Pack"

 For the past three weeks, I have been bedridden, unable to do anything due to the severe pain in my throat. Last night, I had an event at Cinemart Shinjuku, but I could not speak loudly because of the pain in my throat. I played the trumpet, but I was too nervous to play it well on stage. Too bad.

 A month ago, I went hiking in the mountains with the Yoshino Shugendo Hōragana team, and it was a pleasant and refreshing surprise to walk through the mountains with a dozen or so people blowing Hōragana. The sound echoed and bounced around the mountain like a echo, and I felt like I was surrounded by the sound of my own voice. I learned a new game: if I went to the ocean, I would use a surfboard, and if I went to the mountains, I would use a conch.

 I announced the two main actors of "Beyond Dimension. They are Yosuke Kubozuka and Ryuhei Matsuda. I don't think there is an actor in Japan today who is as dangerous as these two. It may be an exaggeration to say that there are no such actors. Maybe I just haven't met them yet. I always want to meet such actors. Of course, there are actresses who I am always thrilled to meet. The rest of the cast will be announced next year, but please look forward to it.

 On the day of the state funeral, I announced that I would personally raise 100 million yen to make the film. It is a big gamble for myself as well. Can we really raise 100 million yen? Can we make a movie with 100 million yen? We will have to borrow 100 million yen. We have to return that money. That is a big pressure. I feel like it will be my last film. That is because I believe that not only this situation but also the content of the film will go to the limit. However, I am doubtful that a film director can quit the film. There are many directors who say they will quit, but continue to make films. I myself do not know anything about the future. However, I am aware that "Transcending Dimensions" will be the ultimate film among my films.

 In December, the town is in the mood for Christmas. I am only moving forward with the production. Stay healthy!

December 11, 2022 Toshiaki Toyoda



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