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  • 執筆者の写真豊田利晃


遅くなりましたが、あけましておめでとうございます。今年も狼蘇山神社のお札を作り、お年賀として送らせてもらいました。皆様、届きましたでしょうか? 届いてない方がいれば教えて下さい。




2023年1月21日 豊田利晃

Episode 5: "The Beginning of the Year 2023"

I know it's late, but Happy New Year! This year, too, we have made and sent the Wolfsbane Shrine's good luck charms as a New Year's gift. I hope you all received them. Please let me know if you have not received it.

Thank you very much for your end of year Kurafan. 10 million yen has been raised for the production and we are ready to start running. I can only thank you. However, with a budget of 10 million yen, we will stop halfway. We are continuing to raise funds, and 100 million yen is quite a formidable task.

It's hard to switch your mind from directing and writing scripts to producing, and it's painful. Of course, I do it because I love it, so I enjoy the pain. I thought I was enjoying it, but perhaps it was too much for me. Around November, I lost my words and became unable to write. Feeling trapped by something, I took a bullet during the year-end and New Year holidays and returned to my second home, the Ogasawara Islands, for the first time in four years. I jumped into the sea and did misogi naked on the empty Buta beach. It felt good. I blew a conch shell while walking in the mountains and cleaned my mind. Little by little, I was able to eat again, and my weight, which had dropped dramatically, returned to normal. The whole island of Ogasawara seems to have some kind of device that resets you. Now I am finally able to write words, and I am able to write this production journal. If you get stuck, go on a journey. It seems to be very good for the spirit to keep walking firmly on my feet. Cold weather is coming, but I feel as if my body heat will protect me if I keep walking.

In January, I was delighted to see "Porn Star" open in Austin, Texas, USA.

Toshiaki Toyoda, January 21, 2023





9月に体調を壊し、ご飯が食べられない病にかかり、体重が54キロまで落ち、身の危険を感じて法螺貝を持って旅に出ました。旅先で友人たちとご飯を食べて、今は57キロまで戻りました。以前まで65〜67キロあった体重が10キロも減ると、体が軽くなって、これも悪くないなと思えるようになりました。 旅先の神社や寺、山や海で法螺貝を吹いていると多くの閃きと出会いがありました。 冬至の日に飛騨高山の水無神社で法螺貝


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